If you are a foreign entrepreneur and would like to find a representative office in Poland we are able to help you.

You have to remember that representative office can not carry out business activity but only conduct advertising and promotional activities.

Who is eligible of the representative office

Foreign personal and polish citizenships who carry out business activities abroad.

What to do step by step

  1. To fill an application form with attachments to the representative office register. The application should include

- corporate name, address of the registered office, legal status of the foreign entrepreneurs;

- Entrepreneur’s prime business activity object;

- name, given name of the person authorised in the representation to represent a foreign -entrepreneur;

- address of the registered office representative office on the Poland.

  1. Document confirming the registration of a foreign entrepreneur
  2. Document confirming the address of the registered office, manner of representation and the indication of the persons entitled to represent the foreign entrepreneur
  3. Document confirming the authorisation of the person indicated in the application to represnt a foreign entrepreneur in the representative office
  4. Proof of payment of stamp duty

If documents Are submitted in a foreign language they must be translated into Polish by a sworn translator as well as if the entrepreneur operates in a State party to the 1961 Hague Convention certified by apostille.

Application for cooperation

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