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Желаете легально работать или вести бизнес в Польше? Обеспечиваем всестороннюю правовую поддержку физическим и юридическим лицам. Помогаем с оформлением любых юридических документов, сопровождаем на всех этапах деятельности компании, консультируем по вопросам законодательства. Поделимся с вами тонкостями ведения бизнеса на польском рынке.

Amendments to the Code of Commercial Companies and Partnerships (KSH), which became effective on 01.01.2012, introduced into the Polish legislation a possibility of fast incorporation of certain types of companies (including LLC) via Internet(KSH Article 157, 158, §11, 12, Article 167 §4).

The specific features of this method of company incorporation are the following:

  • The obligation of drawing up a corporate agreement (charter) in a form of a notarial act is substituted with a possibility to use a template agreement available in the telecommunication system (S24). Each founder should sign the agreement with their electronic signature that can be generated directly in the system.
  • Contributions to the registered capital can be made only in cash.
  • Elimination of the founders’ obligation to make contributions to the registered capital simultaneously. Contributions must be made within 7 days after registration of a company in KRS.
  • Introduction of prohibition to amend a corporate charter before its registration.

How does online company registration in Poland work?

You need to register on the website of the Ministry of Justice of Poland and generate an electronic signature that will be used for signing all applications and declarations that are required to register a company in the National Court Register (KRS). Then you need to pay the state duty and (unfortunately, at this point the online procedure ends) the civil law arrangements fees (in the traditional method of registration those fees are collected by a notary), as well as manual collection of notarized signature samples and sometimes a list of company founders.

One of the biggest advantages of online company registration in Poland, compared to the traditional method, is time (although this is not always the case with foreigners) and cost.

We are happy to offer our services  for as low as 700 Euros, including taxes and all state fees (in case of minimal registered capital).

It should be noted that on 12 July, 2018 “vacatio legis” became obsolete and the law that changed the procedure of online company registration in the National Court Register (KRS) came into force. Since then  the registration of a legal entity with a simplified electronic signature generated on S24 portal is no longer possible. Now you need to purchase a certified, qualified signature or get a trusted profile EPUAP to sign founding documents. In both cases, you will have to obtain an individual identification number (PESEL). This will increase the electronic registration costs for at least 200 Euros (per founder, in case you manage to obtain a PESEL number on your own). Please see more details here:


Among other advantages of this method, we should mention a possibility to do everything remotely without visiting Poland using screen-sharing software.

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