A quick and comfortable way to become the owner of a business in Poland is to acquire a readymade or shelf company.

Now the question is why, because the online registration of a company in Poland takes a couple of days and registration of a company in a new owner’s name takes a couple of weeks.

First of all, all our readymade companies already have a VAT-UE number that is obligatory for making export and import transactions.

Moreover, you can run your business immediately after signing the agreement of selling the company shares, which should be signed in the presence of a notary in accordance to the Polish laws.

All our readymade companies have active bank accounts that we register in a new owner’s name right after signing the agreement on selling the company shares.

To sum it up, you can become the owner of a Polish business entity in 3 hours.

In addition, we can arrange registration of a company in the Customs Office and obtain EORI number that is mandatory for import and export beyond EU.

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