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Желаете легально работать или вести бизнес в Польше? Обеспечиваем всестороннюю правовую поддержку физическим и юридическим лицам. Помогаем с оформлением любых юридических документов, сопровождаем на всех этапах деятельности компании, консультируем по вопросам законодательства. Поделимся с вами тонкостями ведения бизнеса на польском рынке.

The advantages of establishing a business in Poland compared to other EU countries?

  • Ability to establish a limited liability company (sp. z o. o.) in Poland electronically via the online service in 48 hours.
  • Minimal initial capital required. To set up a limited liability company (sp. z o. o.), you need to have a minimal share capital of 5,000 PLN (€1,200).
  • Shareholders liability is limited by their contribution to the capital.
  • The company debt of a Limited Lability Company is limited to the amount of its initial capital.
  • A Limited Liability Company in Poland is a legal entity that is legally separated from its shareholders.
  • Possibility to hold a significant part of the capital shares.
  • Low corporate income tax compared to other EU countries.
  • No social insurance fees are levied on a limited lability company in Poland.
  • Company can be established by only one shareholder.
  • Simple procedure of obtaining a VAT number.
  • The commercial laws enable registration of a limited liability company under a virtual office address.
  • Possibility to get a residence permit for a member of the company board and shareholders of a limited lability company.

A Limited Liability Company is the most popular entity for business purposes. The Polish LLC can be set up in a form of a notarial deed of association.

The other way of establishing a company in Poland is to use the S-24 online registration system that allows Polish citizens and foreigners to register a Limited Lability Company online.

BPM-PL provides a full range of services to make an investment in Poland. Being the market leader, we offer to acquire a Polish Limited Liability Company that is already fully capitalized and registered. Please contact us more information.

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